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Since 1994 the mission of HSH+S is to provide comprehensive Recruitment, Headhunting and Executive Search and Selection Services to clients from almost all industries.

HSH+S Interim Executives is a Executive Search consultancy since 1994, focused on the search of temporary executives. Our executive recruiters conduct many senior-level searches for clients worldwide. Interim Executives is managed by a leading global professional who understands the needs of the function, the business and the industry.

For international clients and global groups, most of our executive search projects are focused on the German speaking countries Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Honored: HSH+S is one of the best awarded headhunters out of more than 2000 recruitment agencies in Germany and received the most popular certificate in 2013/14. In expertise and customer satisfaction HSH+S is among the top five of all professional recruiters.

With our proven track record, we are able to save or enhance future business through excellent and professional recruitment services like traditional recruitment, direct search (headhunting) and executive search.

[ Interim Executives is a project of HSH+S Headhunters & Recruiters, Frankenthal/Germany und Düsseldorf/D, headhunting and recruiting in Germany, Switzerland and Austria ]

Headhunting in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

If you are representing a foreign company, searching for Specialists or Executives in a technical or a sales oriented environment, we are your 1st Choice in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Even if your business hasn't started yet in Germany, please don’t hesitate and ask us for help, advice and information.

HSH+S Recruitment focus on clients, who are searching for the real “Performers”, achivers with high competence, professionalism, power and success orientation. We are not searching for "new staff members", we are headhunting the Talents, Potentials and High Performers in their field. We identifies, evaluates and select entrepreneurial thinking Executives, Engineers and Sales Managers since almost 15 years. Get in Contact with HSH+S Headhunters & Recruiters

Let's come together and find out, what we can do for you and your business.

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